Convoyregeln – Allgemein

1. Driving behavior

1.1 Ramming is not allowed.

1.2 Overtaking is not allowed

1.2.1 With the exception of convoy security

1.3 You are not allowed to horn unnecessarily.

1.4 Keep your beacons off

     1.4.1 with exception of the Convoy-Security.

1.5 All vehicles have to drive with driving light (dipped beam) switched on – also during the day.

1.6 You have to hold a safety distance of 100 – 150 meters.

1.7 When the convoy is standing switch on your warning lights.

1.8 The Convoy Organizing Community (White Dragons), the Video-Team Elite Entertainment and the the Convoy-Security have the right for driving wrong way to make video recordings or for safeguarding.

1.9 The Convoy-Security will possibly give directions by blocking other routes.

1.10 Security vehicles MUST HAVE „ConSec“ or something similar, as InGame-Tag to be identified as security by TruckersMP-Team. In doubtful situations there will be communication with the convoyleader and consequences will follow.

1.11 The Convoy Organizing Community MUST HAVE „White Dragons GC“ or something similar, as InGame-Tag to be identified as the Convoy Organizing Community.

1.12 The Video-Team MUST HAVE “

2. Speed

2.1 The speeds will be given in Teamspeak (possibly through chat by the Convoy-Security).

2.2 On the motorway min. 60 km/h (if possible)!

2.3 You have to ‘exceed’ the speedlimit till you reach again the convoy when bigger gaps arise.

Please keep in mind that the synchronization isn’t similar at everyone so don’t drive directly 110 km/h so that the accordion effect isn’t too intensive.

3. Participation

3.1 Participation without a trailer is NOT allowed (with exception of the Convoy-Security)

     3.1.1 The trailer ‘concrete mixer’ is NOT allowed

     3.1.2 No heavy haul trailers!

     3.1.3 No Double-trailer, HTC-Trailer or Tripple-trailer with                    exception of the Convoy-Security.

3.2 The participants have to use a fully fueled and completely intact truck.

3.3 Bring some time! You shouldn’t leave before the break.

3.4 Random road events have to be deactivated

      we ask you to switch off all options that could disturb game flow.

4. Tollgate

4.1 Tollgates have to be taken as the Convoy-Security directs it to you.

4.2 The order has to stay after EVERY tollgate like it was BEFORE.

5. Start

5.1 Everyone has to be ready during the start.

5.2 Pay attention to the order and exit one by one.

5.3 Participantss may block at the start as long as the left lane remains free.
5.4 During the line-up, each participant is allowed to catch up with his VTC


6. Breaks

6.1 Breaks are usually 15 minutes long.

6.2 During the breaks, the high beam remains off!

6.3 During the breaks, the beacons remain off!

6.4 During the breaks, horn and fanfare remain off!

6.5 Likewise, engines and revers gears remains off!

6.6 Participantss may block during the break as long as the left lane remains free.

6.7 During the break each participant is allowed to catch up with his VTC

7. Ending

7.1 At the end everyone should place well to make a picture.

7.2 The rules above also apply at the ending

7.3 At the end of the event all participants of the convoy are allowed to block roads in order to create a common and big final picture or to take a video.


Changes are possible at any time!

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